Repairs & Services

Repairs & Services

Mechanical repairs:

  • Wheel bearings
  • Drive shafts, CV Joints
  • Clutches
  • Automatic transmission servicing
  • Brake servicing repair and replacement
  • Cooling system repairs (water pumps, radiators, hoses)
  • Cooling systems change
  • Wheel alignments and balancing
  • Power steering repairs (pumps, racks, power steering hoses and boxes)
  • Thermostat housings
  • Suspension
  • Electronic Fuel Injection.

We will also ensure you are on top of all of your car maintenance requirements, such as timing belts (which we recommend changing at the 100,000 km mark, for most cars).

Diagnostic Service

We have an excellent team that specialises in in finding, diagnosing and repairing faults in vehicles. We have the latest diagnostic equipment and can scan all makes and models of vehicles, as well as provide key programming for a large range of selected models. Whether the problem be electronic or mechanical, we have all of the essential tools required to diagnose any problems with your vehicle.

Log Book and New Car Servicing

First Avenue Tyre and Mechanical provides log book servicing allowing you to maintain your new car warranty.

All log-book servicing is completed and signed off as per the manufacturer’s specifications, in addition to our own safety checks listed below. We will only ever use quality parts – parts that meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications.

Every Minor Service includes:

  • Castrol oils
  • oil filter change
  • checking of air filter (and replacement if necessary)
  • checking brakes (including handbrake), reporting if brakes are low
  • checking of all suspension and steering components
  • checking diff oil levels
  • checking transmission oil levels
  • checking and topping-up of all under-bonnet fluids
  • checking the operation of all lights, and
  • ensuring correct tyre pressure.

Every Major Service includes the same as a minor service plus:

  • air filter change
  • fuel filter change
  • new spark plugs (plus points if fitted), and tuning if required

“Always had fantastic service and experience from these guys! Very knowledgeable on both the tyres and the mechanical side of things. Highly recommend!”

– Robert Kidd (Robbie)

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